Beads – Copper Coated Plastic

CCP30 Steady Teddy

$1.95AU (incl. GST)

35mm x 20mm approx. Dont you just want to give him a good home?

CCP31 Heart of Hearts

$2.95AU (incl. GST)

For those of us who just have to spread the love! 40mm x 30mm

CCP36 Flower Pot bead caps

$0.46AU (incl. GST)

Little flower pot men bead caps approx 15mm round at open end

CCP43 Yin Yang

$1.37AU (incl. GST)

20mm round Yin and Yang symbol

CCP Fat oval

$41.00AU (incl. GST)

10mm x 15mm

CCP 12mm Fluted ball

$0.85AU (incl. GST)

CCP 26 Patterned Ball

$21.00AU (incl. GST)

8mm round bead

CCP 27 Starrry Ball

$41.00AU (incl. GST)

10mm round bead

CCP 47 Flat Flower

$1.65AU (incl. GST)

20mm round flat bead

CCP 51 Rose Bead

$91.00AU (incl. GST)

15mm across bead

CCP Beaded saucer

$0.52AU (incl. GST)

10mm x 12mm flying saucer shaped bead

CCP Daisy

$0.52AU (incl. GST)

Daisy flower design 11mm

CCP Diamond

$28.00AU (incl. GST)

10mm diamond shape

CCP Fancy Drop

$0.75AU (incl. GST)

11mm 18mm

CCP Frog nugget

$4.55AU (incl. GST)

40mm x 22mm x 11mm irregular shaped bead . Hole goes lengthways

CCP Lacy flat round

$2.85AU (incl. GST)

25mm flat round bead

CCP Metallic Cameo

$1.45AU (incl. GST)

17mm x 13mm

CCP Small spotty

$0.35AU (incl. GST)

10mm small spot design

CCP Spiral disc

$1.65AU (incl. GST)

18mm x 8mm

CCP Spotty Barrel

$0.28AU (incl. GST)

8mm barrel shaped bead