Tools – Craft and Jewelry

Kumihimo wheel

$25.95AU (incl. GST)

A really fun tool to make gorgeous and interesting braids and ropes, includes cord to get you started

Wire Wacker

$19.95AU (incl. GST)

Harden Wig Jig pieces easily with this tool system

Bead Embroidery Tool

$36.95AU (incl. GST)

Create elegant embroidery by adding beads to your clothes and other projects

Embroidery Hoop large

$24.95AU (incl. GST)

18cm (7″) round hoop, suitable for Tambour

Embroidery hoop small

$21.55AU (incl. GST)

12cm (4.3/4″) round hoop

Embroidery Tool needle refill

$16.55AU (incl. GST)

Replacement needle exclusively for Bead Embroidery Tool

Spin and String

$49.95AU (incl. GST)

Make threading beads for flowers, knitting and crotchet an easy and quick process!

Easy Ear Wire

$44.95AU (incl. GST)

Unique tool for shaping ear wires instantly works very well

Bead Nabber

$6.45AU (incl. GST)

Picks up beads and holds them for easy threading also great to help place stones while setting them

Bead reamer

$34.95AU (incl. GST)

Just what we need when our beads hole is not good enough.

Bead reamer Set

$16.95AU (incl. GST)

The wonderful 4 piece set will help you with all those hard to thread beads. Perfect for softening rough edges of beads,also use to smooth and enlarge bead holes.

Bejeweller Tool

$43.95AU (incl. GST)

This is the tool for attaching the heat fix diamantes

Knitting Nancy

$19.95AU (incl. GST)

Leather hole punch

$34.95AU (incl. GST)

professional quality leather hole punch with spring

Metal head hammer

$9.95AU (incl. GST)

MHammer rubber head

$9.95AU (incl. GST)

OTT -lite

$159.95AU (incl. GST)

See your beads perfectly with this OTT-Lite

Pearl Knotting Tool

$43.95AU (incl. GST)

Creates secure and uniform knots, also useful for stringing pearls. Comes with instructions and diagrams.

Tambour needle

$43.95AU (incl. GST)

This precision tool is for fine embroidery bead work

Thread snips

$7.95AU (incl. GST)

Professional jewellers tool , spring action great for cutting!


$9.95AU (incl. GST)

Stainless steel non-magnetic professional jewellers quality

Wyr Knitter

$34.95AU (incl. GST)

This wonderful tool produces perfectly knitted wire pieces!