Tools – Pliers

Chain Nose

$12.00AU (incl. GST)

Highest Quality pliers-Good for right angle bends and rounded bends, crimping, picking up and placing of fine beads.

Round Nose Pliers

$12.00AU (incl. GST)

Use to create loops and curves in wire, allows you to vary the size of your loops and bends

Side Cutters

$12.00AU (incl. GST)

a Grade quality. You will not be disappointed. These cut right down to the tip, the side action allows you to push right up against your work for a neat cut.

Bent Nose

$18.95AU (incl. GST)

Quality tool!
Excellent for grip and holding fingers in akward and small places.

Flat Nose

$12.00AU (incl. GST)

Quality tool!
Great for gripping and straightening wire, holding work in place.

Plier Pouch

The perfect storage for your beading tools.
Available in two sizes, Standard 190mm x 150mm.
Mini 125mm x 105mm


Mini $8.95

Bead reamer

$34.95AU (incl. GST)

Just what we need when our beads hole is not good enough.

Bead reamer Set

$16.95AU (incl. GST)

The wonderful 4 piece set will help you with all those hard to thread beads. Perfect for softening rough edges of beads,also use to smooth and enlarge bead holes.


$34.95AU (incl. GST)

Crimper for those crimps. 1 Piece

Leather hole punch

$34.95AU (incl. GST)

professional quality leather hole punch with spring

Pearl Knotting Tool

$43.95AU (incl. GST)

Creates secure and uniform knots, also useful for stringing pearls. Comes with instructions and diagrams.

Split Ring pliers

$34.95AU (incl. GST)

Thread those tricky split rings one and for all!

Thread snips

$7.95AU (incl. GST)

Professional jewellers tool , spring action great for cutting!


$9.95AU (incl. GST)

Stainless steel non-magnetic professional jewellers quality