Tools – Wig Jig

Spiral Maker plus

$19.95AU (incl. GST)

Make spirals on your wig jig without leaving marks in the wire!
This add-on tool is suitable for the Delphi, Centaur and Cyclops Wig Jigs

Delphi Cyclops 1/2 inch

$10.95AU (incl. GST)

Extra wide pegs 4pcs

Delphi Cyclops 1/2 inch fine

$10.95AU (incl. GST)

1/2 inch long standard pegs 20-pcs

Delphi Cyclops 1/4 inch

$10.95AU (incl. GST)

Wide pegs quantity 4pcs

Extra Long Delphi

$10.95AU (incl. GST)

Fine pegs 3 pcs 1 inch, 1 -1/4 inch and 1-1/2 inch lengths

Olympus 5/8 inch

$10.95AU (incl. GST)

Standard pegs 5/8 inch long 20pcs

Olympus Lite 1/2 inch

$10.95AU (incl. GST)

Standard pegs 1/2 inch long 10pcs

Spacer Presses

$10.95AU (incl. GST)

6pcs plastic tubes to make your pegs wider, suitable for all Wig Jigs


$16.95AU (incl. GST)

This thing-a-majig will give you the start you need.

Wig Jig Olympus

$93.85AU (incl. GST)

10cm x 10cm square peg section, comes with 20 movable pegs

Wig Jig Olympus Lite

$44.95AU (incl. GST)

Mini version of the Olympus Wig Jig


$47.95AU (incl. GST)

Wonderful, Wearable Wire is a book designed for the Olympus wigjig. This book teaches you how to use and manipulate wire into the perfect pattern for your jewellery.


$93.85AU (incl. GST)

Centaur Wigjig 4″ Square jig, 20 movable metal pegs, 2 pattern layouts – half-round and half square, design with wire instantly. Simple to use.


$75.85AU (incl. GST)

Cyclops Wigjig 3.5″ peg section. Circular jig, 10 movable metal pegs, basic instructions included.


$44.95AU (incl. GST)

Delphi Wigjig 3″ Square Jig great for creating components for your jewellery with 20 movable metal pegs. The design posibilities are endless.