Swarovski – Miscellaneous

Cosmic pendant – Red Magma

$25.90AU (incl. GST)

40mm long Swarovski crystal

Cosmic pendant – Silver Shade

$25.90AU (incl. GST)

40mm long Swarovski crystal

Red Magma pendant

$28.47AU (incl. GST)

27mm long Swarovski crystal

Swarovski 3 hole bridge

$2.96AU (incl. GST)

18mm x 4mm


Swarovski Cosmic Ring

$40.00AU (incl. GST)

Swarovski Cosmic Ring 30x30mm
Available in Silver Shade

Swarovski Cosmic Ring small

$21.00AU (incl. GST)

Available in Crystal. 12mm

Swarovski Cosmic Square

$38.00AU (incl. GST)

Swarovski Cosmic Square. Available in Golden Shadow only. 30mmx30mm

Swarovski Cosmic Square small

$9.00AU (incl. GST)

Available in Golden Shadow. 15mm x 15mm

Swarovski Cosmic Triangle

$40.00AU (incl. GST)

Swarovski Cosmic Triangle. Available in Jet only. 30mmx30mmx30mm

Swarovski Cubes Pacific Opal

$7.00AU (incl. GST)

A drop of the ocean for your next project.4mm x 4mm.10pcs

Swarovski Cubes Rose Alabaster

$3.25AU (incl. GST)

Pretty in pink are these Rose alabaster cubes.8mm x 8mm. 2 pcs

Swarovski Cubes Turquoise

$7.00AU (incl. GST)

Turquoise cubes .4mm x 4mm.10pcs

Swarovski Galactic Vertical

$5.98AU (incl. GST)

Available in Light Rose. Irrisistable. 26mm x 15mm
Top drilled.

Swarovski Heart

$2.95AU (incl. GST)

These beautiful hearts will make that special piece. 14mm x 14mm. Top drilled.

Swarovski Mocca drop

$4.78AU (incl. GST)

6mm x 13mm top drill
New colour!

Swarovski Rivoli

$4.83AU (incl. GST)

14mm no hole

swarovski 14mm rivoli

Swarovski Rivoli

$3.05AU (incl. GST)

12mm no hole

Swarovski Rivoli Small

Swarovski rondelle

$11.00AU (incl. GST)

The most stunning of the Swarovski range. A large rondelle. Available only in Crystal Copper. 18mm x 12mm

Swarovski Star

$17.00AU (incl. GST)

Swarovski Star. Available in clear AB 38mm

Swarovski Twist Bead

$4.46AU (incl. GST)

Available in Golden Shadow or Silver Shade. 14mm
Centre Drilled

Swarovski Twist Top Drilled

$15.00AU (incl. GST)

Available in Golden Shadow or Silver Shade. 25mm. Top Drilled